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Welcome to the Corinthian Archive updates section. Here i will note brief details about any site updates but i also have a dedicated page where the updates are detailed in full.


To go to the update page simply click on the tab located in the left menu entitled 'Updates.'


 Please check back for regular updates and if you feel it has been too long since i last updated the site, drop me an email and tell me to pull my finger out and get some work done!


 Hello and welcome to 'Corinthian Archive.'


 This website is dedicated to the world famous football models, produced by Corinthian. The site archives every figure released by Corinthian as part of the 'Prostars' range of figures.


 To date, over 3,000 figures have been released, so to archive them all is a massive task and one which even Corinthian themselves have never achieved. A few collectors have tried over the years but given up due to the enormity of the task but i aim to finish the job, as i feel the 'Big Heads' deserve their own special place on the web.


 Due to the scale of the task at hand i am sorry to say that the site is a 'work in progress' but it will be constantly updated, however i work full time so it may take a while before it is completed.


 My aim for the site is for you collectors to contribute and add items to it, if you think i have omitted something then please get in touch and let me know, or indeed if you think something i have written is inaccurate, again please let me know, this site is for everyone so the more people who contribute the more precise,accurate and comprehensive it will be.


 Please look through the site by using the link buttons located to the left. More links wil be added as and when i get my backside round to doing them! Updates will be listed below, so you can go directly to the new pages.


 I would also like to take the oppurtunity to thank a few people who have made this site and my collection possible.


 Rikky Smith: Celtic fan and Corinthian collector for providing me with the site's name, for being a sounding board for my ideas and for cracking the whip and making me stick to task, thanks!


 Jim Pinder: for his wealth of Corinthian knowledge and for being a constant source of information, what he does not know about these little figures is simply not worth knowing!


 Johnny Carson: for providing me with some very valuable software which enabled me to achieve all that i have and for aiding me on the technical side of things, oh and for the small matter of actually finding the rare figures, which for many years eluded me.


 Lennart Van De Winkel: without his superb web site mine would simply not have been possible. I myself used Lennart's site as a reference guide when i decided to 'fill the gaps' in my collection. thanks also for the pictures i 'borrowed' from you!


 Dave Rule: for providing me and countless other collectors with many of the figures which make up our collections and for sourcing those 'hard to find' rarities too, not to mention always being very fair on prices. My collection would not be what it is, nor where it is, without your help.


 Lastly i must thank Corinthian themselves for providing me and many others with so many fantastic figures over the last 14 years. Sadly they have decided to no longer produce them, a descision i hope they will one day reconsider.


 Thanks for looking at my site and i hope you enjoy your stay.To get in touch with me simply fill out the form located near the bottom of this page and i will reply to you asap.



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To get in touch with me, simply fill out the form located below and i will reply to you as soon as i possibly can.

03/06/12: I have finally added a new section to the ProStars area, not before time too. Just added is every figure released as part of the Ballon D'Or range! To view the comprehensive write up, please click the football opposite

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