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 In the run up to the 1998 World Cup, Corinthian decided to release a range called 'World Stars.' The range consisted of just 6 figures, 3 were painted in the national kits and the other 3 in the players respective club kit.


 The 3 figures released in national kit were - Alan shearer in the England Red away kit, the same figures as was released in the Sainsburys blister pack. Zinedine Zidane in the France home kit, again this was an existing figure, as it had previously been released as part of the 'Super Champions Football Equipe De France' collection. The 3rd figure chosen was Filippo Inzaghi, who was released in the Italy home kit, and once again this was an existing figure, released some time earlier in the Italian national range of Headliner Superstars.


 The 3 figures released in club kits were done so because at the time Corinthian did not hold the licenses required to produce those figures in their national kits. Andreas Moller was released in the Borussia Dortmund home kit, as he was in the German Star Kickers range. Corinthian did produce a set of 6 German national master models but sadly they were never able to acquire the license required to release them, shame. Gabriel Batistuta or 'Bati goal' as he became known, was released in the Fiorentina home kit, the sculpt was the same as previously used for the Serie A Superstars collection but the kit was different. The difference was this version had a vibrant Yellow trim to it, with the sponsorship logo being 'Nintendo' as opposed to 'Sammontana' and the Fiorentina crest was White not Black. I personally much prefer this version of Batistuta, the kit is just far superior and much more detailed, a sign that Corinthian were getting better. Completing this set was the first ever release of a much anticipated figure, Ronaldo! Ronaldo was planned to be released in the second series of Serie A Superstars, but sadly the range was pulled, so instead he was included in this range, with the Inter Milan badge on the wrong side of his shirt, still a fantastic figure though.


 The figures were all released in May 1998 and retired together on the 1st of February 2003. The figures were only released as single blisters, each came with a special collector card but no information file was produced.


 A nice compact set of figures but a shame the range was not more expansive given the fact it was released during the height of football fever, the World Cup.

Alan Shearer


Away Kit 98

E04 - WOR001

Zinedine Zidane


Home Kit 98

FRA008 - WOR004

Filippo inzaghi


Home Kit 98

SER115 - WOR005

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Andreas Moller

Borussia Dortmund

Home Kit 97/98

GER015 - WOR002

Gabriel Batistuta


Home Kit 97/98

SER002 - WOR006


Inter Milan

Home Kit 97/98

SER122 - WOR003

Packaging Formats

Collector Card

Single Blister Pack:

 Here is a blister pack from the World Stars 98 range.


  A whole new backing card was used, with the backdrop being the one Corinthian would use for the first Prostars series.


 Each figure came with a collector card but no collectors information file was produced.


 A fairly obtainable range with a full set perhaps selling for around £20-25.

 Here is a collector card from the World Stars 98 range of Headliners.


 The collector card of Batistuta is interesting for the fact the model varies from the released figure. The figure in the image opposite is the master model but notice how the sponsorship logo is Sammontana and not Nintendo. The Batistuta from the Superstars range was in the 1996/97 kit, with the one used for this World Stars range being in the new 1997/98 kit.


 The Ronaldo figure is another example of this change, the figure on the collector card shows him with his badge in the middle of his shirt, where it should be, however the released figure had the badge on the left of his shirt as we see it, this was just an error during the printing proccess.


 The figures were also assigned new collector numbers, however the base numbers for the figures remained the same. Here are the collector numbers:

WOR001 - Alan Shearer         England

WOR002 - Andreas Moller      Borussia Dortmund

WOR003 - Ronaldo                 Inter Milan

WOR004 - Zinedine Zidane     France

WOR005 - Filippo Inzaghi         Italy

WOR006 - Gabriel Batistuta   Fiorentina

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