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 Corinthian released Prostars series 8 towards the end of August 2000 and was Corinthians first range of the new football season. Usually Corinthian struggle to get the range right for the first series of the new football season, due to late confirmation on new kit and sponsors, along with the usual transfers, however they managed to get all the required information to make sure this series was released on time and without any late changes to the line up.


 The series consisted of 16 figures, most of whom were squad players which Corinthian had been asked to produce throughout the year via an online poll, with the most requested figures being Denilson, Inzaghi and Seedorf. The most requested new player for Chelsea was Jody Morris, true to form Corinthian listened to it's members and released these much requested figures.


 The set contained 8 first time sculpts, a big number for any series and the sculpts themselves were superbly detailed. For me the highlight of the series was the very first release of Dutchman Clarence Seedorf, the only player in history to win the Champions League with 3 different clubs ( Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan.) This sculpt was a spot-on likeness of the influential midfielder and still remains one of my personal all time favourite figures.


 As usual all the big teams from the English Premier League were represented, however it was not the usual big names which were chosen, instead it was the squad players who were selected for inclusion in the range. Jody Morris for Chelsea was heavily requested and the sculpt did not dissapoint. Alex Manninger was released for the first time and only time and was the only goal keeper in the series. Mickael Silvestre was chosen to be the Manchester United figure for this series, a great figure and it was actually the best seller in the series, which proves just how well suported Manchester United are. Titi Camara was released for Liverpool despite only making little over 30 appearances for the club, the figure was a hit with kop collectors.


 Trevor Sinclair was a long overdue release, he was released in this series in the colours of West Ham United, a superb facial sculpt too. Sinclair was first sculpted for release in the original FAPL Collection but sadly the figure was never released. Colombian forward Hamilton Ricard was released for Middlebrough, another quality sculpt and only time this figure was released. Completing the first time sculpts is Celtic's Mark Burchill, not the biggest name player Celtic had on thier books at the time but a crowd favourite and the figure sold pretty well too.


 Tim Sherwood was resculpted and released in the kit of Tottenham Hotspur, an improvement of the figure we saw released for Blackburn Rovers in the FAPL Collection and certainly a must for any Spurs collector. The rest of the figures were repaints of figures which had been released previously, however to some collectors thye will have appeared to be first time releases, due to the rarity of the original figure.


 Denilson was released here in the national kit of Brazil, he could not be released in his clubs colours as Corinthian did not hold the license for that club. Denilson had been released before in the colours of Brazilian side Sao Paulo as part of the Headliners range but this figure was sold soley in Brazil and is one of the rarest figures ever released, so this new version of Denilson in Brazil kit gave all collectors the chance to own the figure. Luis Enrique was back by popular demand, this time in the kit of Barcelona, after his appearance in series 7 in the Spanish national kt, however to keep the figure collectable Corinthian kept the production number on this figure very low.


 Jason Wilcox was chosen to be the Leeds United figure, with the figure being previously released in the FAPL Collection for Blackburn Rovers. Another repainted Blackburn Rovers figure to be re-released was Kevin Gallacher, this time in the Black and White stripes of Newcaslte United. Luc Nilis broke his leg in a horror tackle with Ipswhich Townan keeper Richard Wright shorlty into his Aston Villa career, an injury which forced the Belgian striker to retire from football, however Corinthian chose to release him with legs intact and infact! The Nilis had been released before, as part of the Dutch Staatsloterij sachet collection in the kit of PSV Eindhoven.


 Pippo Inzaghi was released in the famous kit of Juventus, the figure was a firm favourite in the series despite the fact it was a re-release of the figure from the Italaian national range of Superstars. Rangers had Billy Dodds released in thier club colours, depsite this figure being a mere repaint, it sold out in retail stores, just goes to show you can never predict which figures will be the most popular commercially.


 The entire range was produced in very small numbers, with many having as little as just 4,000 figures made! The lowest production figures were Gallacher, Wilcox, Ricard and Sinclair.


 On a personal note i feel this was one of the best series Corinthian ever released, it comprised a host of new sculpts and those which were re-released were of figures previously hard to acquire. The new sculpts were of the lesser known or less established players from the big clubs, instead or releasing the superstars time after time again. this range also seemed to sum up the hobby, the collectors voted for the figures in the series but the range struggled commercially, this is because the collector will always want new and different sculpts but the figures which sell well commercially are those of the big name players such as Beckham, Baggio, Ronaldo. A very collectable series but saldy no redemption was produced, instead Corinthian ran the free Platinum pack offer.

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Jody Morris


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Jason Wilcox

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Alex Manninger


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Kevin Gallacher

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Mikael Silvestre

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Titi Camara


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Luc Nilis

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Tim Sherwood

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Mark Burchill


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Luis Enrique


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Hamilton Ricard


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Trevor Sinclair

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