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Series 6 - Corinthian Classics

 Prostars series 6 was a very perculiar series indeed, mainy due to the fact it only contained 6 figures. The series caused Corinthians marketing no end of problems, so many teams were due to change kit and sponsors at the end of the season, add to that the usual furour of transfer rumours, meant choosing a line up almost impossible.


 The decision was to make series 6 a re-release issue and included in it were figures from the 1999 12 player team packs of Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle United, along with figures only previously released in secret sachet format from either Prostars series 1 or 2. Corinthian received may enquiries to buy individualy players frm the 12 player team packs, so choose to release the most requested ones as part of this series.


 The series was released in mid April and production volumes were very low for all figures, with some shops only receiving as little as 10 pieces of each player. It may interest some of you to know that only 500 pieces of some players were made, very few indeed and makes many real collectors items in this packaging format.


There are a total of 41 figures in series 6, 35 are packaged in the 'Classics' window box and the other 6, which i will detail next, were released in club specific window boxes. The 6 pakcaged in the club specific window box were the 4 figures for Rangers and 2 for Celtic, these had not been released in these kits before. All 6 figures had previously been released by Corinthian as part of the Headliners ranges, Celtic had Reggie Blinker and Alan Stubbs painted in their famous hoops. Both were released in the FAPL Collection for Sheffield Wednesday and Bolton Wanderers respectivly, but both those figures are quite rare, so this gave collectors a much easier way of adding these 2 fine sculpts to thier collection.


 Rangers had a quartet of figures released, Giovanni Van Bronckhorst and Arthur Numan, who had both featred in the Dutch Staatsloteriij range, Stefan Klos who was released in the German Star Kickers range for Borussia Dortmund and finally Rod Wallace who was released in the Leeds United kit as part of the FAPL Collection. These 4 were repainted into the current Rangers home kit and packaged into an all new box which bore the Rangers colurs and badge.


 To promote the series Corinthian ran a special promotion, for every 6 boxes you bought you could claim a free Platinum pack. No collectors infrmation file was issued with this series. There were also no Platinum packs released for this range.


 As all but the Celtic and Rangers figures are previously released figures just repackaged, i will not image them as i do not class them as part of the Prostars collection.

 To find out more information on this series, please click the link button opposite.

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Reggie Blinker


Home Kit


Arthur Numan


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Alan Stubbs


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Rod Wallace


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Gio Van Bronckhorst


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Stefan Klos


Home Kit


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Figure List

 Below is a list of the 6 figures from Prostars series 6 that had not been previously released.

The range consisted of another 35 figures, that list of figures can be found below.

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