Series 5 was Corinthians first Prostars series of the new Millenium and they certainly pulled out all the stops with this fantastic new range. A whopping total of 24 figures made up the blisterpack edition with no fewer than 8 first time sculpts, along with 7 new sculpts of players previously released and the other 9 figures were existing figures but painted into a new kit.

 The series was released on the 1st of February 2000 and personallly speaking i feel this series is the best Corinthian have ever produced, it has it all, new sculpts galour of superstars like Buffon, Veron and Rio Ferdinand to name but 3, all of which had never been released before. What made this series special for me was how it catered for all fans, it had the 'big 4' well represented, along with 3 figures for Spanish giants Barcelona and Series was as always well covered with figures from AC Milan, Inter Milan, Lazio, Parma, Juventus, even Bologna and Venezia. It also saw the return of Celtic and Rangers after a 2 year absecence, along with the 2 Scotish clubs we also saw the return of Aston Villa, Leeds United, Middlebrough, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United, all of whom we had not seen since 1998. There was even space for a Newcastle United figure too.

 Without a doubt the stand out figure from this series is Taribo West in the kit of Inter Milan, such a quality facial sculpt and unique hair style, almost like he had Devil horns on his head! Getting hold of a Taribo West figured proved very difficult, every collector centre had sold out of him, infact the majority of these figures were very quickly becoming harder to find. Gianluca Buffon was released for the first time and the likeness was spot on, as was that of Bologna's Nicola Ventola. Argentine Juan Sebastian Veron was another very fine sculpt and the first release if such a major star.

 There were 4 first time sculpts from players in the Premiership, Liverpool's new keeper Sander Westerveld was sculpted, as was Leeds United's Australian international Harry Kewell. Injury prone Kieron Dyer was released for the very first time, as was an up and coming defender called Rio Ferdinand.

 Thierry Henry was resculpted, this time minus his afro, this was not the best figure Corinthian have ever done of the skilfull Frenchman but a fine sculpt all the same. Villas's Dion Dublin was resculpted after his move from Coventry and we were treated to another sculpt of David Beckham, this time with tis trademark curtains hairstyle, remember when that was fashionalbe, no, neither can i! Paul Ince was the figure chose to represent Middlesbrough and this figure was a huge improvement on the previously released version. The David Ginola was one of Corinthians finest work, he really was instantly recogniseable and most definetly worth it.

 Completing te re-sculpts was Venezia's Japanese international Hiroshi Nanami. Corinthian collecting in the far east had never been so popular and Corinthian knew releasing a figure like this would sell out and appease the ever growing and demaning market on those far east countires. My second favourite figure from this range is that of Celtic legend Henrik Larsson, a cracking sculpt with, like West, a very interesting hairstyle and this figure was very much anticipated and like most in this series proved to be an instant hit.

 Barcelona once again had 3 figures released and what a trio it was. All 3 were previously released sculpts but that did not seem to deter the collectors from going crazy for them. The figure of Luis Figo was an instant hit, he was previously released in the Portugal national colours as part of the Headlines range but this figure is near impossible to find, so this series 5 figure gave collecotrs the chance to add a truly world class figure to their collection. Figo was accompanied in the colours of Barcelona by Philip Cocu and Jari Litmanen, both werepreviosuly released in the Dutch staatsloterij series for PSV Eindhoven and Ajax respectively. Another re-release from the Dutch Staatsloterij range was Edwin Van Der Sar, this time in the goal keepers jersey of Juventus, like with the Figo, this re-release gave collectors the chance to acquire a figure they may have otherwise struggled to obtain.

 Didier Deschamps and Lilian Thuram had both previously been released in the French national 'Super Champions' range of Headliners and Corinthian released the sculpts again, this time with Deschamps in the away kit of Chelsea and Thuram in the colourful kit of Parma. Thuram was another figure which was very quickly sold out, as was his Parma team mate Buffon.

 2 figures from the Italain Serie A Superstars range were re-released, those 2 of course being Croatian internationals Zvonimir Boban and Alain Boksic. The Boban proved to be immensly popular, largley due to the Headliners version released previoulsy being very hard to find. Rangers first figure in over 2 years was chosen to be Andrei Kanchelskis, a non to exciting figure but surely this was better than no Rangers figure at all.

 As this was the first release of the new Millenium, Corinthian decided to make it extra special by producing the Platinum packs with the figures having Silver coloured bases. These Platinum packs are amongst the rarest ever released and were so popular with collectors that they never actually made it to the official collector centres. Corinthian released some members only product at the time of this series 5 release and as you receiveda Platinum pack free for every £20 you spent, stocks of these packs were soon exhausted.

 Each figure came accompanied by a collectors card and a collectors information file.

s5 b dublin

Dion Dublin
Aston Villa
Away Kit

s5 b figo

Luis Fio
Home Kit

s5 b cocu

Philip Cocu
Home Kit

s5 b litmanen

Jari Litmanen
Home Kit

s5 b larsson

Henrik Larsson
Away Kit

s5 b deschamps

Didier Deschamps
Away Kit

s5 b ventola

Nicola Ventola
Home Kit

s5 b west

Taribo West
Inter Milan
Home Kit

s5 b van der sar

Edwin Van Der Sar
Home Kit

s5 b veron

Juan Sebastian Veron
Home Kit

s5 b kewell

Harry Kewell
Leeds United
Away Kit

s5 b westerveld

Sander Westerveld
Away Kit

s5 b beckham

David Beckham
Manchester United
Away Kit

s5 b ince

Paul Ince
Away Kit

s5 b boban

Zvonimir Boban
AC Milan
Home Kit

s5 b thuram

Lilian Thuram
Home Kit

s5 b kanchelskis

Andrei Kanchelskis
Away Kit

s5 b ginola

David Ginola
Tottenham Hotspur
Away Kit

s5 b nanami

Hiroshi Nanami
Home Kit

s5 b ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand
West Ham United
Away Kit

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