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Figure List

 Here is a table which lists all 16 figures, as well as the 2 special edition figures included in Prostars Series 28 Demon Defenders. Also included are the blister pack production volumes for each figure.

Collector Code Figure Team + Kit Blister Pack Production
PRO1138 Jaap Stam AC Milan - Home 5,490
PRO1139 Philippe Mexes Roma - Home 3,811
PRO1140 Ivan Cordoba Inter Milan - Home 4,710
PRO1141 Ricardo Carvalho Chelsea - Home 4,167
PRO1142 Noureddine Naybet Tottenham Hotspur - Home 2,368
PRO1143 Fabio Cannavaro Juventus - Home 5,850
PRO1144 Rio Ferdinand Manchester United - Home 4,528
PRO1145 Fernando Couto Lazio - Home 3,810
PRO1146 Fernando Hierro Bolton Wanderers - Home 3,268
PRO1147 Josemi Liverpool - Home 2,556
PRO1148 Kolo Toure Arsenal - Home 3,276
PRO1149 Gabriel Heinze Manchester United - Home 3,268
PRO1150 Rafael Marquez Barcelona - Home 4,535
PRO1151 Stephen Carr Newcastle United - Home 2,008
PRO1152 Danny Mills Manchester City - Home 2,007
PRO1153 Michael Reiziger Middlesbrough - Home 2,728
PRO1154 Ricardo Carvalho Chelsea - Away N/A
PRO1155 Rio Ferdinand Manchester United - Away N/A
Total Blisters Produced 58,380

Packaging Formats

Blister Pack:

s28 blister

 Here is a single blister pack from Prostars Series 28 Demon Defenders.

 Corinthian produced an all new backing card for this series, one which was never used again.

 The blister pack produced in the highest volume was Fabio Cannavaro in the Juventud home kit, with 5,850 blisters manufactured, with Japp Stam close behind with 5,490. Corinthian increaed the blister volume for players from Italy's Serie A due to high demand in Japan.

 The figure produced in the lowest volume was Manchester City's Danny Mills, with just 2,007 blisters manufactured, 1 less than Newcastle United's Stephen Carr who had 2,008 blisters produced.

 In total Corinthian produced 58,380 blisters for this series, which was the lowest volume since Prostars series 23 and nearly half the total volume of series 21.

 This series contained no redemption figure tokens, instead the redemption figures were made available to purchase in sachet format at £5.00 each, or free if you purchased a case assortment.

 Platinum Pack:

s28 platinum

 Here is a Platinum pack from Prostars Series 28 Demon Defenders.

 These packs featured the now established backing card design as first seen in Prostars series 15, with the figures themselves also having the bases painted Silver, to further enhance the collectability of these very limited packs.

 Platinum packs are seen as Corinthian's premier collectors product and were not available for direct sale. The only way to get these Platinum packs was buy spending a certain amount with Corinthian on thier products.

 The Platinum packs also featured individually numbered collector cards, which meant each blister was unique, with no more than 360 produced of each Platinum pack.
 The most sought after Platinum from this series in a Platinum pack is Fabio Cannavaro in the Juventus home kit, with figures like Ferdinand and Cordoba not too far behind in the money stakes.

Collector Cards

s28 card

 Here is a collector card from Prostars Series 28 Demon Defenders.

 Corinthian changed the appearance and layout of the collector cards from series 21 onwards. They continued to use the same quality, high gloss card but made a change to the back of the card.

 Corinthian now printed how many of each blister pack had been produced and also stamped each collector card with a unique issue number. This made each blister pack unique and meant collectors went chasing the low numbered blister packs with the ones stamped 0001 being the most coverted and indeed the most valuable.

 From the card opposite you can see the changes made to the cards and how they differ from those used in the early Prostars series. The top box contains the players name, club and the figures collector number. The figure image of course dominates the card and the series box can found next to the figure.

 Corinthian made a small error during the production of these cards, as on the back of the card it reads
 'This certificate provides the guarantee that this Super Strikers blister pack is part of a limited production of' it incorrectly lists the series as Super Strikers, when it should have been Demon Defenders, however given the quality of the sculpts used in this series i think we can overlook this small typing error.

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