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Figure List

 Here is a table which lists all 16 figures, aswell as the 2 redemption figures included in Prostars Series 21. Also included are the blister pack production volumes for each figure.

Collector Code Figure Team + Kit Blister Pack Production
PRO774 David Beckham Manchester United - Home 21,634
PRO775 Gaizka Mendieta Barcelona - Home 4,546
PRO776 Henrik Larsson Celtic - Home 5,296
PRO777 Carlton Cole Chelsea - Home 3,292
PRO778 Simon Davies Tottenham Hotspur-Home 3,076
PRO779 Jon Dahl Tomasson AC Milan - Home 6,076
PRO780 Gianluca Zambrotta Juventus - Home 6,418
PRO781 Moustapha Hadji Aston Villa - Away 2,536
PRO782 Rivaldo Brazil - Home 7,246
PRO783 Diego Forlan Manchester United-Away 4,408
PRO784 Clarence Seedorf AC Milan - Home 5,782
PRO785 Teddy Sheringham Tottenham Hotspur - Away 3,916
PRO786 Junichi Inamoto Fulham - Home 16,564
PRO787 El-Hadji Diouf Liverpool - Home 4,822
PRO788 Edu Arsenal - Home 3,748
PRO789 Peter Lovenkrands Rangers - Away 2,158
PRO729 Simon Davies Tottenham Hotspur-Away N/A
PRO730 Diego Forlan Manchester United - 3rd N/A
Total Blisters Produced 101,518

Packaging Formats

Blister Pack:

s21 blister

 Here is a single blister pack from Prostars Series 21.

 Corinthian continued to use the all new generic packaging for the standard Prostars range, with the company logo in the left corner and the series number in the opposite corner.

This series made Corinthian history for a couple of reasons. It was the first time Corinthian had released a player for Fulham, this player was chosen to be Junichi Inamoto.

 Inamoto is a legend in his native Japan and Corinthian knew any release of him would all but sell out, hence why they produced 16,564 blister packs of him!

 The other reason why this series made Corinthian history is that for the very first time in a Prostars series, Corinthian stated how many of each blister they had manufactured. In addition to this each blister was individually stamped with a unique issue number, making each blister unique and enhaning the collectable appeal.

 The best seller in this series in blister format was of course David Beckham, however it was Liverpool's El-Hadji Diouf which sold out first, however Beckham blisters out numbered those of Diouf 4-1!

 The blister made in the lowest volume was that of Rangers Peter Lovenkrands, with just 2,158 blisters of him being produced.

 Platinum Pack:

s21 platinum

 Here is a Platinum pack from Prostars Series 21.

 These packs featured the now established backing card desding as first seen in Prostars series 15, with the figures themselves also having the bases painted Silver, to further enhance the collectability of these very limited packs.

 Platinum packs are seen as Corinthian's premier collectors product and were not available for direct sale. The only way to get these Platinum packs was buy spending a certain amount with Corinthian on thier products.

 The most sought after Platinum from this series in a Platinum pack is without question that of David Beckham, i have seen this Beckham sell for near £50 on occasion.

 Other sought after Platinums from this series are the Inamoto of course, who again can still command very good money, with Rivaldo also being highly coverted amongst Platinum pack collectors.

Collector Cards

s21 card
s21 card back

 Here is a collector card from Prostars Series 21.

 Corinthian again changed the appearance and layout of the collector cards from this series onwards. They continued to use the same quality, high gloss card but made a change to the back of the card.

 For the first time Corinthian printed how many of each blister pack had been produced and also stamped each collector card with a unique issue number. This made each blister pack was unique and meant collectors went chasing the low numbered blister packs with the ones stamped 0001 being the most coverted.

 From the cards opposite you can see the changes made to the cards and how they differ from those used in the early Prostars series. The top box contains the players name, club and the figures collector number. The figure image of course dominates the card and the series box can found next to the figure.

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