On the 18th of March 1999, Corinthian released series 2 in their International Prostars range, once again releaseing a set inside secret sachets.

 Without doubt this is one of the finest ranges Corinthian have ever produced and boasted a whopping 10 brand new sculpts. The secret sahcet range consisted of 19 figures, 10 first time sculpts and the other 6 being repaints, however all 6 repaints were of figures released overseas, so to many new collectors they will have appeared to be entirley new figures, and it also gave existing collectors the chance to add those figures to thier collection without having to source them from overseas.

 With a range consisting of so many new sculpts it is hard to know where to start. Without doubt the most anticipated figure from this range was Michael Owen, perhaps no figure has ever been requested by collectors as much as this figure was. Corinthian really went to town on his release, so much so they released him in 4 different body poses. The figures were released in secret sachets but Corinthian realised the demand for Owen figures would far outweigh that of the other figures, so they placed a 'Michael Owen inside this pack' sticker on the sachets which contained Owen to help collectors who purely wanted to get their hands on Owen.

 The figures were also available to buy direct from Corinthian for £2.50 each, or the full set for £30, you got a randomly selected owen pose. The most popular figure ordered was of course Michael Owen.

 The best sculpt from this range simply has to be that of Edgar Davids, he really did look like he was going to run accross the room and slide tackle you! A truly stunning sculpt and one which proved immensly popular, mostly attributed to his quirky dreadlock hairstyle.

 Serie A hitmen Christian Vieri and Oliver Bierhoff were both released for Lazio and AC Milan respectively. The Vieri never really drew collectors attention due to the poor sculpting, the Japanesse club memebers figure released years later is a far better sculpt of Vieri. The Bierhoff was originally planeed to be released in the Italian Superstars range back in 1997-98, in the kit of Udinese and he even appeared on the collectors infromation file, so i feel the plastic figures were already produced of him and Corinthian took the oppurtunity to use them up by including him in this range. Thomas Hassler was released for the first and only time, Corinthian never again released figures from the German league due to the liscense expring.

 The other 5 new sculpts were of Premiership stars. Arsenal were well represented as always with 2 figures, those beig tempremental Frenchman Nicolas Anelka, sculpted with his little chin beard and influential midfielder Emmanuel Petit who, like Davds, had a very unusual hairstyle. It will probalby come as a surprise to many to learn that Anelka was produced in the lowest volume from this entire range. Jaap Stam proved to be a favourite amongst collectors, no surprise given the quality of the sculpt and his Manchester United team mate Jesper Blomqvist proved to be as popular. Completing the new sculpts is American Brad Friedel, released in the Liverpool keepers jersey, this figure did not fare all too well, given he was fairly new to the league and did not have as big a fan base as other in the range.

 Making up the remainder of this range were 6 repaints of figures released overseas. Cafu had previously being released in Brazil in the kit of Palmeriras, a figure which is very rare indeed. Chelseas Norwegain striker Tore Andre Flo was released as part of the Norwegain Norges Troop, range of Headliners, however once again this figures is hard to find. The other 4 were released in Italy's Superstars collection, those being Weah, Del Piero, Peruzzi and Djorkaeff, with Djorkaeff also being released in the French national range of Headliners. Peruzzi and Del Piero were also released in thier national colours, as part of the Italian national team set of headliners, again hard to find figures.

 Each figure came accompanied by the collector card and the collectors information file. Detailed inside this file were all 16 figures and the FREE Platinum pack offer.

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