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 Corinthian released Prostars series 19 on the 2nd of December 2002, making it the last regular series release of 2002. This series consisted of 16 figures; the majority of which was 1st time sculpts too.


 Headlining the series was David Beckham in the England Red away kit,  the sculpt sported Beckham’s new Mohican hairstyle. The Beckham proved immensely popular with collectors and was of course the best seller in the series.


 The sculpt of Everton manager David Moyes was a spot-on likeness and what made it all the more special, is the fact the body pose was an all new one for a manager, he was even sculpted wearing his trademark hooded sweatshirt. Liverpool fans were not left out; they too were treated to a new figure, which was Polish keeper Jerzy Dudek, the figure proved to be a big hit with collectors.


 Toon fans raced to buy the first time release of Welshman Craig Bellamy, a great sculpt, made all the better by him being released in the away kit worn for the 2002/03 season. Rangers fans were not forgotten about either, they had inspirational captain Barry Ferguson to add to their collections, the first time this player had been released.


 Ledley King in the Tottenham Hotspur home kit was another first time release, as was Moustapha Hadji in the Aston  Villa home kit and Don Hutchinson in the West Ham United away kit. All 3 of those are very fine sculpts and certainly held their own in the sales figures stakes.


 Mercurial Uruguayan midfielder Alvaro Recoba was my personal favourite from this series, such a finely detailed sculpt, with a lot of care taken in getting the likeness right. Fernando Morientes was at last added to the Corinthian collection, not before time too! He was released here in the Spain home kit, however I feel he was originally planned to be released in a Real Madrid kit, however Corinthian were still in negotiations with Real Madrid over a license, so as with Hierro in series 18, the simply released the sculpt in the national kit to avoid disappointing collectors.


 Series 19 also featured an all new sculpt of Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand. Ferdinand was first released in Prostars series 5, however this new sculpt is far superior to its predecessor and simply flew of the shelves.


 The remaining 5 figures which made up series 19 are all repaints of figures which had been previously released.  Dennis Bergkamp was painted in the Arsenal home kit worn for the 2002/03 season, with the sculpt being the same as used earlier in series 7 European Superstars.


 Leeds United’s Nigel Martyn was once again released, the sculpt was the same as used in series 15. Frank Lampard was released in the Chelsea away kit, having previously featured in series 13. Completing the series are 2 repainted figures in their respective national kits. Kieron Dyer and Filippo Inzaghi were in the England and Italy home kits respectively. Dyer was first seen in series 5, with the Inzaghi having recently featured in series 17.


 The blisters produced in the lowest volume for this series were Hutchinson, Moyes, Martyn and Ferguson.


 Corinthian ran a free redemption figure offer with this series. To claim a free redemption figure, all you needed to do was collect 6 tokens, with 1 token accompanying each figure. The 2 redemption figures on offer were David Beckham in the Manchester United 3rd kit, while Barry Ferguson was painted into the Rangers away kit. Both redemption figures proved very popular, however it was the Beckham which sold out first, no surprise there!


 A very fine collection of figures, loaded with new and first time sculpts and as it was released prior to Christmas it sold very well, which did you ask Santa for?

Frank Lampard


Away Kit


Moustapha Hadji

Aston Villa

Home Kit


David Moyes


Hooded Sweatshirt


Jerzy Dudek


Home Kit


Nigel Martyn

Leeds United

Home Kit


Don Hutchinson

West Ham United

Away Kit


Kieron Dyer

Newcastle United

Home Kit


Ledley King

Tottenham Hotspur

Home Kit


David Beckham


Away Kit


Dennis Bergkamp


Home Kit


Rio Ferdinand

Manchester United

Home Kit


Filippo Inzaghi


Home Kit


Craig Bellamy

Newcastle United

Away Kit


To read more information on this range, including images of the packaging formats used, please click the link button opposite

Alvaro Recoba

Inter Milan

Home Kit


Barry Ferguson


Home Kit


Fernando Morientes


Home Kit


Barry Ferguson


Away Kit


David Beckham

Manchester United

3rd Kit


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