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Series 1 - Blister Edition

Series 1 banner baggio Yorke ronaldo romario ronaldo redemption barthez batistuta leonardo scholes overmars desailly de goey Bergkamp gullit sammer zidane riedle

 This was the innaugural series of Prostars, the range that started it all!


 The range was released on the 12th of January 1999 and the set comprised of 16 figures, with the figures being released on 2 different packaging formats. The Blister pack edition figures were those painted in the club away kits if the player was from a team in the English Premier League and for the interntaional stars, well they were painted in their respective kit. This was the case for all of those except Gullit who was the manager, he was released with 2 different suit colours and Paul Scholes, the blister version of Scholes was painted in the England home kit, with the sachet version being him in the Manchester United away kit, there was a reason for this though.


 The reason why Scholes was released in the away kit in blister format is all because he was a late inclusion, a replacement for a figure Corinthian could no longer release, that figure was Brian Laudrup, or was it?


 This story is one i have told many times and it all relates to the Laudrup brother who moved to Chelsea in the Summer of 1998. Brian Laudrup moved to Chelsea and as Corinthian had previously released him, as part of the Denmark National range of Headliners, he seemed an obvious choice for incluson in the very first series of Prostars. However there was a factory mix-up and it was Michael Laudrup who they created a master model in Chlesea's kit, not Brian!


 It was this master model of Michael Laudrup that Corinthian used for all the promotional material relating to this series and to make matters worse he even appeared on the series 1 secret sachet pack, although on the back of the pack Corinthian correclty listed him as Brian Laudrup. The Laudrup figure was pulled from the range and hastly replaced with Paul Scholes and i firmly believe the England figure was used becasue Corinthian had just ran a promotion and it waas this figure which was the mail away special, so perhaps they had surplus stock left over and as they needed a quick repacement it seemed an ieal oppurtunity to both fix a problem and use up surplus stock, that is my theory anyway.


 Although this was the very first range of Prostars, it was made up entirely of previously released figures. All 16 figures had previously being released in one of Corinthians many Headliner ranges but bear in mind that this was back in 1999, long before the internet really took off, so there was no real way for many collectors to know about the overseas releases, so many will have thought it was the first ever release of these figures.


 The majority of these figures are very scarce today and can sell for a high price, especially if found in blister format. The most sought after figure is that of Italian legend Roberto Baggio, a blister version can easily fetch towards £40 and if you have a platinum pack of baggio you can all but name your price.


 The redemption figure for this series was chosen to be Ronaldo in the Brazil home kit, a great choice as he was regarded as the best player in the world at that time. To get your hands on this Ronaldo all you had to do was collect 8 tokens, 1 token came with each figure, and send it away to Corinthian along with a £1 contribution towards p+p. However the redemption token found in the blister edition file were for the free Platinum pack offer.


Each figure came issued with a collectors card and a collectors information file and each of the 16 figures was made as a Platinum pack.

Dwight Yorke

Manchester United

Away Kit


Karl Heinz Riedle


Away Kit



AC Milan

Home Kit


Marc Overmars


Away Kit


Paul Scholes


Home Kit


Ruud Gullit

Newcastle United



Matthias Sammer

Borussia Dortmund

Away Kit


Fabian Barthez


Home Kit


Marcel Desailly


Away Kit


Zinedine Zidane


Home Kit


Gabriel Batistuta


Home Kit



Inter Milan

Away Kit


Roberto Baggio

Inter Milan

Home Kit




Home Kit


Ed De Goey


Home Kit


Dennis Bergkamp


Away Kit




Home Kit


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