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 May 2004 saw the introduction of an all new series of figures to the ProStars range, this range was to be the most exclusive and limited Corinthian had ever produced and, as time would go onto tell, also the most controversial. This series is called ‘Select 500.’


Corinthians aim was to produce a very limited range of figures aimed directly at the long term and dedicated collector. As the name suggests, only 500 of each figure were produced worldwide, a number far lower than any other ProStar figure released before or since.


A new backing card was designed for this extra special range, with each figure being issued with an individually numbered collector card, from 001 up to 500!


The figures were never made available for general sale by Corinthian, with different figures released for the UK and Japanese markets. The UK releases were given away free for money spent with the company on other ProStars products, unlike their Japanese counterparts which were distributed in a variety of ways, from redemption tokens to the infamous Lucky Boxes and everything in between!


In total Corinthian released 46 Select 500 figures over a 4 year span, with quite a few of them still eluding many a collector. The figures are without doubt the rarest ever released, with the prices they fetch varying dramatically, some fetch as little as £5 while others can command £250! Obtaining a full set of Select 500 figures requires a lot of time, contacts and commitment, not too mention money, as I would value a full collection of 46 Select 500 figures at £2,000!


In order to detail these figures in the depth they deserve, I have split the figures up into the collection they were released in. To view a release of Select 500’s please click on one of the link buttons below.

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