In September 2003 the very first figures from the 'Official Corinthian Reseller' series were released. Corinthian had an offical reseller programme, this series was produced by a couple of those dedicated and commited resellers, who wanted tp release their own Corinthian ProStars figures.

From speaking to those involved the figures selected were usually those which Corinthian had avialble, as opposed to the reselleres selecting a figure, they chose the kit but they had a select choice of figures to choose from.

This product was not made available in shops, it was purley available via the resellers or websites that they permitted to stock the product. The product was very much done with the collector in mind, this is demonstrated in the fact the blister packs do not feature a 'j-hook' which usual blisters have which allow them to be hung and displayed in shops.

They entire range comprises of 19 figures which were released in stages over a 2 year period, from September 2003 until November 2005. The first 2 figures which were released in September 2003, were 2 Brazilians, Emerson in Home kit and Careca in Away kit. Emerson had 4,244 blisters released and Careca much more with 6,428, as a result neither can be considered a rare figure.

January 2004 saw 2 Juventus figures released, Thiery Henry and Christian Vieri, both in Home kit, with the blister pack production volume on both figures being 3,977

May 2004 saw a shift towards the growing market in the Far East, with Hidetoshi Nakata being released in Parma Home kit, and Ahn Jung-Hwan released in Perugia Home kit. The blister pack production volume was much higher on these 2 than any others in the series, with 11,767 being produced!

November 2004 brought collectors the next 2 Reseller Specials, and my personal favourite from the series. Milan Baros in Czech Republic home kit and Clarence Seedorf in Holland Away kit, what made these 2 stand out was the addition of the Silver football which was sued during the 2004 European Championships. The blister pack production volume was much lower on these 2 figures, Baros had the lowest of any figure in this series, just 1,062, and Seedorf only a few more with 1,226, which is the main reason as to why they are more collectable than most in this series.

January 2005 saw 3 new figures added to the series, Ronald Koeman in Holland home kit, which was a superb paint jon, Lothar Mathaus in German home kit, with Edgar Davids in Holland away kit, the same as Seedorf was previously released in, completing the trio. All 3 figures had 4,000 blister packs produced.

April 2005 gave collectors 2 more figures from this seires, with Pavel Nedved in Lazio home kit and Zico in udinese Home kit, both having 4,000 blister packs produced. A further 2 figures were released in August 2005, Salvatore Schillachi and Fabrizio Ravanelli both coming out in Juventus home kit, again both figures had 4,000 blister packs produced.

November 2005 saw another 4 Corinthian ProStars released as part of the offical reseller series, as it trasnpired, these would be the last released in this series. The 4 figures released were Taribo West in AC Milan home kit, always a popular figure, Paulo Sousa in Parma Home kit, Georghe Hagi in Brescia Home kit and Claudio Cannigia in AS Roma home kit, so a quartet of Italian Serie A figures. All 4 had the same blister pack production volume, which was 3,453.

A fine range of figures but one which is on the whole very obtainable, due to the large produciton volume of the figures. The initial retail price per blister was around £4.99 but many can be obtained for less than that in today's market (correct as of 20/11/14) All came in single blister pack format with an individually numbered collector card. No Platinum packs were produced for this range.

Below is an example of the blister packs used in this series, with an example of the collector card below also.

Reseller Blister 1
Reseller Blister 2
reseller special A
reseller special B

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