Corinthian released a vast amount of figures from 1995-1998 and took a well deserved break for the later part of 1998. During this period they sold the Amercian company they had set up and along with that they sold the 'Headliners' brand name.

 Corinthian were busy developing an entire new range of figures and these figures would be released with a whole new look and name, the name they chose was Prostars. On the 12th of January 1999 the very first range of Prostars figures were released and just like that Corinthians were back, better than ever!

 Originally called International Prostars, a name which Corinthian shortened to just Prostars from series 5 onwards, the figures had a fresh, new look about them and it was clear for all to see that Corinthian had been working very hard on their new product.

 As before the figures were each assigned a collector number, this time the codes all started with 'PRO' and the last figure Corinthian released in the Prostars range was PRO1825 but only 1750 figures have actually been released, the other 75 are all unreleased figures!

 The figures themselves were still the same size, 7cm, but were made from a much finer plastic and the paint work was also improved. The bases were also slightly thicker, thus making them much more stable, if like me, you prefered to display the figures loose.

 There have been many figures and ranges released over the years under the Prostars banner and they have been released on a whole host of packaging formats, from secret sachets, single blisters, window boxes and multipacks from 3 figures inside upto 18.

 One of the many new additions to the Prostars range was the introduction of the Platinum pack, this was Corinthians most premiere product. The Platinum pack was the regular released figure but placed into a limited produced packaging and from series 15 onwards the figures bases were painted Silver, to even more distinguish them as an elite collectable. What made this range even more special was the fact you could not buy them direct, instead you were given them free for money spent with Corinthian, or as part of redemption offers with a series, although on odd occasions they did appear for sale at one of Corinthian's official collector centres.

 There were 1750 Prostars released, so to detail them all is a simply monumental task and i feel the best way to archive them is by placing them into series groups as opposed to listing them in numerical order. Below are link buttons for every series and range which made up the Prostars collection. Simply click on any of the link buttons to see all the figures released in that particular series or range.

 It will take me some time to archive all 1750 figures, so only the link buttons which are visible are viewable, the rest are hidden until the figures are archived. Please check back regularly to see which series i have completed, alternatively you can check the 'Updates' section of my site, every time i add a new section it will be detailed there. Prostars series 1-40 have all been archived, to view any of those series, click the appropriate link button below.

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