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February of 1998 saw the release of 11 figures from the top 3 club sides in portugal. the 3 clubs selected were-Benfica, FC Porto, Sporting Lisbon.


They were released initially in Portugal as part of the 'Headliners' range of figures. The name given to this release was 'super campeoes' literally translated to mean super champions.


At the time of release these figures were hard to acquire for most of the UK collectors with very few people having access to them. Corinthian managed to acquire some stock which they sold through their official collector centres and also at the conventions.


All 11 figure have remained highly collectable and valuable due to the difficult in actually getting them.

The hardest to acquire is perhaps the 'Joao Pinto' for Benfica or 'Mario Jardel' for FC Porto, both can fecth a fair price when they appear on the secondary market.


Another reason for their continued populairty is that none of them have ever been released by Corinthian again excpet the 4 portuguese national figures of-Cruz, Barbosa ,Joao Pinto, J.Costa which themselves are hard to find.

All were first time sculpts never to be used again making this your only way of adding these figures to your collection.


My personal favourite from this release is undoubtably that of 'Oceano Cruz' for Sporting Lisbon. the facial work on this sculpt is superb and really catches the tough tackling centre halves attitude.


Truly a fine set of figures and it is a shame there were not more released as part of this series.


Below is a list of every figure released as part of this range. it lists the player,club he played for,base code,original release date and also the official retirement date.



Here is an example of a blister from the 'super campeoes futebol' collection.


These figures were solely released a single blister with no multipacks being produced despite 2 out of the 3 teams having 4 figures in the set.


Each figure came issued with a collector card along with a collector file.


This release was distributed overseas by a company called 'Concentra'


portugal club card back portugal club card front

Above is an example of a collector card from the 'super campeoes futebol' collection.

On the front is a picture of the figure along with the clubs emblem and also the figures base code.

On the back is again the players name and also a chance for you to rate the player out of 10 for variety of categories.



file front file page 1 file page 2 file page 3 file page 4 file page 5 file page 6

 Here is the 'SUPER CAMPEOES FUTEBOL' information file.


 The opening section described what the collection consisted of and also mentioned about the promotional offer included with this file.


 The second section showcased 6 figures from this release. It is worth noting that the figure on the end is infact 'MARIO JARDEL' and not 'PAULINHO SANTOS' as the file lists him as!

The last section allowed you to keep track of your collection by listing the figures you had and when you accuired them.


 On the reverse of the collector file was firstly the other 5 figures released in the series followed in the next section by the redemption offer. Each figure came issued with 1 collector point and you needed 10 points to claim the 'SUPER CAMPEOES FUTEBOL' 12 player display stand that was on offer. The offer expired on the 30/06/98 so no chance of claiming one now!

Lastly there is a picture of the display stand along with 12 figures from the series.






porto benfica lisbon

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