Paul Hinchley:

 I have been collecting the Corinthian figures since 1995, I use to help out in my Dad's cricket shop and there was a Woolworths down the street, My Dad would give me a few pounds for helping in the shop, which when I was 11 always seemed a good wage!

 The first thing I would do when I received my money was run down to Woolworths and buy the next Chelsea figure available, once I had collected all the Chelsea figures I would buy random players which would give me my 5 a side game of Chelsea v the rest of the world using a subbuteo ball.

 Looking back I always wish I wouldn't have played with them but I was an 11 year old I didn't release that this would be a collection I would continue well in to my adult life. The first figure I purchased was Dmitri Kharine I always remember that because he use to play in trousers but the figure had shorts on so I used a marker pen to colour the rest of his legs in black (also another of my mistakes).

The figure that I paid most for was also the figure I most struggled to acquire; I think I paid around £25 - £30 for the 1995 Scott Minto figure. I'm not sure which figures were a bargain but I remember a friend at school was also collecting them at the same time as me I would give me his Chelsea figures in exchange for an Man Utd figures I had.

 At present I have 103 Chelsea figures including internationals and managers but I am always looking to add to my collection with repaints etc., but if my wife asks they are in the loft and will never be added too! I haven't really got a favourite figure if I had to make a decision it would be between my Dan Petrescu and Scott Minto figure, as Dan Petrescu was my favourite player as a child and Scott Minto figure because it was the hardest figure I have ever purchased and it was only recently I was able to find a collector selling one and paid whatever he wanted guess he was going to charge me the earth being a Charlton fan selling to a Chelsea fan!

 I haven't really got one player I wish they would make in to a Corinthian figure I just think it was a shame Corinthian stopped producing the figures as I always enjoyed adding to my collection with any Chelsea player they made. I have no comments on the site I just feel it's a good place to buy/sell and view other collectors collection.

Paul Hinchley

 ps, below are image of my collection, enjoy!

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