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May 2006 saw Corinthian release a set of 8 Mexico national kit ProStars figures. Due to licensing issues Coritnhian were not able to sell this product outside of Mexico, which made it very tricky for collectors to acquire the full set.


This set of 8 was made up of entirely all new and first time sculpts, with 5 of those never again being released as a ProStars figure. Goal Keeper Oswaldo Sanchez is a supeb sculpt and proved a huge hit with collectors. For me the Carlos Salcido is amongst Corinthian's finest work, an incredible sculpt of the flying full back, as is the sculpt of midfielder Pavel Pardo.


Rafael Marquez had a brand new sculpt and for me is the finest sculpt produced of this player. Forward Jared Borgetti was released as part of the convention series, however this was the first release of the power forward. Blanco is one of the most popular from this series, a fine sculpt of a real legend of the Mexico national team.


Giovanni Dos Santos was a sculpt full of detail and character and was later released as part of the ProStars Classics series, in his Barcelona club kit, but as with the rest in this series, this was the initial release of the figure. Completing the line up is Carlos Vela, a player with a lot of promise and one which Arsenal fans wanted so they could repaint him into and Arsenal club kit.


Each figures was released as a single blister pack, with an individually numbered collector carc,with prodution volume being little over 3,000 blisters per figure. No Platinum packs were released for this series.


A very fine set of 8 ProStars, given how all were first time releases, it made them highly collectible and sought after amongst all collectors, both those in the UK and those in the Far East.

Mexico National Series 2006

Oswaldo Sanchez

Mexico Home 2006



Carlos Vela

Mexico Home 2006


Rafael Marquez

Mexico Home 2006


Pavel Pardo

Mexico Home 2006


Giovanni Dos Santos

Mexico Home 2006


Cuauhtemoc Blanco

Mexico Home 2006


Carlos Salcido

Mexico Home 2006


Jared Borgetti

Mexico Home 2006


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