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 Leeds United had 11 figures released for the 1996/97 season, one of which was their manager at the time George Graham, released towards the end of the collection,in January 1998, the figure as a firm favourite amongst collectors.

 The set also featured repaints of both Yeboah and Deane, painted in the new kit which featured yellow and blue striped around the collar and cuffs,aswell as appearing on the shorts and socks. The club's shirt sponsor for that season was 'Packard Bell.'

 Also included in this set were many first time sculpts and some of which have never been released again. The first time sculpts of 'Dorigo, Wetherall and Jobson' have never been released again by Corinthian, all are very fine sculpts with Wetherall being the most valuable and can sell for close to £5.

 The figure of 'Gary Kelly' is a first time sculpt but the figure has been released by Corinthian again but it was part of the 'Prostars' range of figures. Ian Rush was released too, however the sculpt was a brand new sculpt and not the same as was previously released for Liverpool. Rush is regarded as the rarest of the set and can sell for over £10.

 The sculpt of 'Lee Sharpe' was a brand new sculpt and differed totally to the one previously released for bitter rivals Manchester United. A very fine sculpt and one which was a very close likeness to the actual player.

 We are left with the final two figures,both of which are very scary! The sculpt of goalkeeper 'Nigel Martyn' was a stunningly detailed one and who can forget his erry smile. The figure also had a very detailed kit replication but one which Corinthian produced perfectly. Released towards the end of the range in January 1998 and the figure went largly un-noticed by collectors due to many stockists having stopped selling the figures, he can fetch £5-10.

 The final figure in this set is that of up and coming star 'Lee Bowyer.' This sculpt is perhaps the worst figure Corinthian have ever released and bore no resemblance to the player at all and is hard to believe it was even given the 'go ahead' to be manufactured. Despite Bowyer being very young at the time the sculpt made him look like he was close to retirement, infact the sculpt was so bad that some avid Leeds United collectors refused to buy the figure, cannot say i blame them either!

leeds yeboah 96

 Tony Yeboah
Leeds United
Home Kit 96/97

leeds deane 96

 Brian Deane
Leeds United
Home Kit 96/97

leeds kelly 96

 Gary Kelly
Leeds United
Home Kit 96/97

leeds dorigo 96

 Tony Dorigo
Leeds United
Home Kit 96/97

leeds wetherall 96

 David Wetherall
Leeds United
Home Kit 96/97

leeds jobson 96

 Richard Jobson
Leeds United
Home Kit 96/97

leeds rush 96

 Ian Rush
Leeds United
Home Kit 96/97

leeds sharpe 96

 Lee Sharpe
Leeds United
Home Kit 96/97

leeds bowyer 96

 Lee Bowyer
Leeds United
Home Kit 96/97

leeds martyn 96

 Nigel Martyn
Leeds United
Home Kit 96/97

leeds graham 96

 George Graham
Leeds United

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