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 Leeds United had 7 figures released as part of the original 'FAPL Collection', all figures were released in the kit they wore for the 1995/96 season, with the clubs shirt sponsor for that season being 'Thistle Hotels.'

 Everybody remebers the goal scored by Tony Yeboah against Liverpool, the one that nearly broke the crossbar, well Corinthian immortalised the player by releasing this figure. The figure was agreat likeness of the player and it featured quite heavily in the advertising for this range and the figure itself was a huge success and big seller,great sculpt and look closely to find his black moustache.

 Brian Deane partnered Yeboah upfront for Leeds and he was released along side him too. A very prominent sculpt this one and every Brian Deane figure released after this one used this sculpt.

 Two future Premiership legends were released at the same time in January 1996, those two figures being Gary McAllister and Gary Speed, both superb sculpts and ones which Corinthian used later for further releases of these figures. Those 4 figures are all very easily acquired and will cost you very little.

 The other 3 figures which complete this set are much rarer to find and were released later in June 1996. John Lukic was released in a very eye catching kit of yellow and orange stripes. A very close likeness to the player it bore too. It was not produced in that high a volume and as a result has become increasingly hard to find in recent years,especially if you are trying to find one still in the original blister packaging. This figure can easily set you back near the £10 mark.

 The remaining two figures are by far the rarest of the set. The figure of Carlton Palmer was much anticpated amongst collectors and Corinthian did not disappoint with this fine sculpt, although it is perhaps the smallest Headliner ever released. The figure of Rod Wallace was the total opposite, with a very large and detailed head sculpt and is the rarest of the entire Leeds Headliner collection. Either Wallace or Palmer could set you back close to £15, well worth it for two sculpts as fine as these.

leeds yeboah 95

 Tony Yeboah
Leeds United
Home Kit 95/96

leeds mcallister 95

 Gary McAllister
Leeds United
Home Kit 95/96

leeds deane 95

 Brian Deane
Leeds United
Home Kit 95/96

leeds speed 95

 Gary Speed
Leeds United
Home Kit 95/96

leeds lukic 95

 John Lukic
Leeds United
Home Kit 95/96

leeds wallace 95

 Rod Wallace
Leeds United
Home Kit 95/96

leeds palmer 95

 Carlton Palmer
Leeds United
Home Kit 95/96

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