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LAZIO 96/97

 Lazio had 4 figures made, which was the same as for bitter rivals Roma, Corinthian knew better than to show favouritism.


 3 figures were released in March 1997 as part of series 1, those 3 were Signori, Protti and Marchegiani. Italian marksmen 'Casiraghi' was released a few months later in July 1997 as part of series 2 of the 'Italian Superstars.'


 Casiraghi is by far the rarest of the 4 Lazio figures and can sell for around £15 loose and maybe £20 in blister. The other 3 sell for about £3-5 with a blister just fractionally more.

 Again, no 4 player pack was produced but as Roma did not have one produced either, all was still kept fair and even.


 One thing worthy of note is the fact that although all 3 outfield Lazio players were released during the 1996/97 season, Casiraghi has a notable difference to the other 2. The difference was that Casiraghi has a navy trim on his shirt collar as opposed to Protti and Signori who had a white collar trim. Even more perplexing is the fact that the collector card that accompanied the Casiraghi figure had him picutred with a white collar trim, as did the collectors information file that came with the blister pack..


 To get the collectors information file and collectors cards produced intime for the figures release, Corinthian often pictured the original master model and used that image in all advertisements and indeed in the leaflet and for the collector card image. The master model of Casiraghi which was sold off even had the white collar trim!


 Logic would dictate that Corinthian changed the collar trim to navy in anticiaption of the kit that Lazio would wear for the upcoming 1997/98 season, so they were simply trying to be one step ahead, that or they simply ran out of white paint! Whatever the reason, we were still left with a fantastic sculpt and a great set of 'Lazio' figures.

Giuseppe Signori Lazio

Home Kit 96/97


Pierluigi Casiraghi


Home Kit 96/97


Igor Protti


Home Kit 96/97


Luca Marchigiani


Home Kit 96/97


 Here is the collector card that came issued with the 'Pier Luigi Casiraghi' figure.


 As you can see, the figure is the Master model as there is no name scribed into the base and the figure is painted in the kit that both 'Protti' and 'Signori' were released wearing.


 The figure that was eventually released saw 'Casiraghi' wearing a shirt that had a navy collar trim, as opposed to the white collar trim that he is pictured wearing opposite.


 Another difference is the clubs shirt sponsor which was 'CIRIO' , the master model shows it in white but the released figure has it painted in a royal blue, again different to the other 2 outfield figures that were released.


 Only Corinthian could tell you why this occured.


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