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 January of 1998 saw the release of figures from the spanish 'la liga.'

sadly due to high licensing costs the range did not include the 2 power houses of spanish football,the most bitter of rivals-barcelona and real madrid.

however,it did include players from 'ac bilbao' and 'sporting gijon' and fine sculpts they were to.


While other companies were busy acquiring expensive licenses for the top clubs and then producing low quality figures, Corinthian instead picked up the cheaper licences and produced figures of high quality and exact player likenesses.


 The range was released as part of the 'Headliners' collection and was called 'super champions-campeones de futbol.' Initially released in Spain by 'IDEAL' all 8 figures were relatively hard to come by but over time the Bilbao set has become readily availble and can be picked up very cheaply, however, in stark contrast the Gijon set is amongst the rarest of Corinthians and near impossible to find!


 A full set of 4 Gijon figures can fetch around £300 with the 4 player pack and the single blisters being amongst the rarest of all boxed product. It is worth mentioning that a good deal of the Gijon figures may not have the players name, number or the club badge on the front, indeed even opening a sealed 4 pack cannot guarantee you a set complete with transfers. I can only assume that this is down to the quality control (or lack of it) in the factories.


 All 8 figures have never been released by corinthian again which has helped maintain their poularity amongst collectors and also enabled them to hold thier value.





 Below is a table listing every figure released as part of this series.

 It states the players name,club,base code along with the original release date followed by the official retirement date.


Above is an example of the collector cards that were issued with this range of figures.

The front showed the figure along with the club badge.

The back offered you a chance to rate the players ability from a number of categories.

BILBAO BLISTER bilbao 4 pack

 Here is a example of a single blister pack from the 'super champions campeones de futbol' range.


The figures were released as a part of the 'headliners' range and distriburted by toy company 'IDEAL'


Each figure came issued with a collector card but no collector file was issued with this release.

 Here we have an example of a '4 player pack' from the 'super champions campeones de futbol' range.


 Both AC BILBAO and SP GIJON had 4 packs issued. Each comprised of all 4 figures along with the 4 collector cards but again did not contain a collector file.


 The SP GIJON 4 pack is a particular rare piece and a real collectors item for those who collect every figure on every packaging format.

bilbao card back bilbao card front SPANISH LA LIGA LOGO bilbao gijon HEADLINERS LOGO




 Please click any of the club badges above to view all the figures released for that team as part of this range.


 to be taken to the Headliners foreing club link page simply click the Headliers logo below.