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January 2006 saw corinthian once again collaborate with Japense distributor Foot Circle, to release a range of 4 limited edition figues. These figures were not released in a conventional way, they were randomly packed into what the Japanese called 'Lucky Boxes' with each box containing a blister pack from a previous series, a clear sachet product and a MicroStars capsule.


These figures were released in clear sachet format and were packed randomly into boxes, with each box retailing at the Japnese equivilant of around £10. This Lucky Box format was a great way for the Japan distributor to lcear old stock they were otherwise struglling to sell and also gave collectors something to chase.


These clear sachet figures did eventually make their way onto the secondary market, selling for around £40 each, however the price dropped over time and can be picked up for less than £20 each.


The 4 figures chosen were Adriano in Parma home kit, during this period, Adriano was co-owned by Parma and Inter Milan. Manuel Rui Costa was in AC Milan away kit, with Damiano Tommasi in Italy home kit. Completing the set is Robbie Fowler in Manchester City away kit.


Given how this was a Japen issue product, it was very surprising not to see them released as blister packs, especially given the 2003 Lucky Box Blister packs, so i can only assume this was a cost cutting excercise by using clear sachet format as opposed to a blister pack, however blister packs would have been preffered by collectors and made the product more collectible and valuable on the secondary market.

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Damiano Tommasi




Manuel Rui Costa

AC Milan



Robbie Fowler

Manchester City



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