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 Fiorentina,or 'Viola' as they are known in their home land had 4 figures released and what a set it was too!

All of which were first time original sculpts,2 of which have never been used again.


 Fiorentina had a formidable trio of players at this time, 2 of which are represented here,1 of those is Portugesse midfield wizard 'Manuel Rui Costa.' This sculpt is one of the finest released in the range and is packed full of facial detail all of which is capped of by the bright purple kit of Fiorentina.


 Gabriel Batistuta,or 'Batigol' as he was known to the 'Viola' was an obvious choice and an instant hit with collectors despite the fact the figure was not a great likeness of the player,the 'Prostar' versions are a vast improvement.

A fantastic figure for the pure fact it captures the man wen he was at his most prolific, he scored over half of his career goals at 'Fiorentina' and is the 8th all time leading marksmen in 'Serie A' history.


 Luis Oliveira was slightly overshadowed by the other 3 figures but this is still a very fine sculpt and the only version of the player made by Corinthian. Although born in Brazil 'Oliveira' actually played for Belgium but he is still a favourite amongst collectors in his native Brazil, maybe like me they like his 'mini perm' which had a spiky feel to it.


 Saved the best until last and the rarest. Ex Arsenal midfielder 'Stefan Schwarz' is the highlight of this set and is in my opinion the second rarest figure ever released, behind the legendary 'Giovanni Stroppa' and there is no shame in that. Schwarz simply was not made in as high a volume as the other 'Viola' stars as he was not as popular amongst their fans and as a result he has become much sought after amongst collectors and is on many a wanted list.


 Price wise it is fairly cheap as all but Schwarz will cost around £3,but the Schwarz is a very different matter indeed. A loose version could trade hands for £75 upwards and a blister pack may fetch near the £100 region,perhaps more if the blister is in mint condition.


 A quality quartet of figures painted in an unusual and distinctive kit,all capped of by the inclusion of the 2nd rarest figure ever made.

Stefan Schwarz


Home Kit 96/97


Gabriel Batistuta


Home Kit 96/97


Manuel Rui Costa


Home Kit 96/97


Luis Oliveira


Home Kit 96/97


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