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 1. When did you start collecting?


 I started collecting in 1997


  2. Why did you start collecting?


 Because I immediately loved the figures!


 3. Which was the very first figure you purchased?


 I can't remember. I think my mum bought more than just one figure in a toy shop, probably were Inter Milan figures, i would say Paul Ince and Gianluca Pagliuca but can't be sure.


 4. What is your all time favourite Corinthian figure?


 Kennet Andersson of Bologna and André Cruz of Napoli for sure, then José Mourinho from Chelsea 2004-05 Premier League winners, Diego Forlan Uruguay Memorabilia and Julio Cruz from ProStars Series 40 just to name a few more.


 5. What is the most you have ever paid for a single figure and which figure was it?


 I always try to get the figures i need for cheap, so never paid too much for a single figure. Paid 10euros including

postage for a Domenico Morfeo blisterpack and about the same for a loose Taribo West figure in Inter Milan kit from ProStars Series 5.


 6. What is the best bargain you have ever picked up?


 The Andrè Cruz figure in Napoli kit which I got for just 1Euro in 2007.


 7. Which figure did you most struggle to acquire?


 A Zlatan Ibrahimovic MicroStars in Inter Milan kit. I collect MicroStars from the team i support only on Silver or Gold

base, and never found a Silver or Gold Ibrahimovic in the Italy Series 2 boxes. Tried to buy it directly from Giochi

Preziosi but they sent a figure in another base colour twice to had to wait 1 year and a half after the release of the

series to complete it, with a Silver one found on eBay.


 8.  How many figures do you have in your Collection?


1366 and counting! I currently have 796 ProStars, 490 MicroStars and 80 other football figures. I would like to reach at least 1000 ProStars, 500 MicroStars and 100 other football figures.


 9. If Corinthian did decide to make some more figures, which player would you most like to see made?


 Some Serie A players i.e. Sneijder or Pazzini or Pastore and figures from other countries never released before. I would love to see a good selection of leagues like the Headliners range.


 10. Do you have any comments you wish to make about my site?


 Simply fantastic!





Riccardo Spignesi:

Click the Inter Milan badge opposite to view Riccardo's eBay auctions, he often has rare figures listed.


 Riccardo also holds good stocks of the Italian series of MicroStars, so contact him with your wanted lists,  using the 'contact us' form located below if you wish to order any, or if you want to be sent his ProStars and MicroStars wanted/sales lists. He can also get figures from the KoDoTo releases.

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 Here are some pictures of my collection

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Riccardo Spignesi 2 My Figure Collection

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