Maikel Rozijn:

   1. When did you start collecting?

 Back in 1995 i visited London and bought some figures at Hamley's. I liked the figures but didn't collect them. I really started collecting in 2004 with buying some figures..and more..and more

  2. Why did you start collecting?

 I really like football and wanted to have the figures of my favourite players.

  3. Which was the very first figure you purchased?

 Ryan Giggs, Manchester United Headliner from the FAPL Collection, PL01.

 4. What is your all time favourite Corinthian figure?

 Pier Luigi Collina (Referee) Club gold edition and also the Norwegian National 12 player pack, i am very pleased to have that pack in my collection.

  5. What is the most you have ever paid for a single figure and which figure was it?

 The most i have paid for a single figure is one i purchased very recently. It is an unreleased master model of Niall Quinn in the Sunderland home kit from the1996/97 season and i paid £225 for it.

  6. What is the best bargain you have ever picked up?

 It was back in 2005. I bought Alan Wright (Aston Villa) in mint blister for £2. At that time the figure was rated much higher as I have seen Johnny Carson selling it for £50.

  7. Which figure did you most struggle to acquire?

 I'm still struggling to get PRO1191 Cannavaro Parma Home Kit from the Select 500 range. (you know that feeling Craig :)

  8. How many figures do you have in your collection?

 About 3,300 at the last count!

  9. If Corinthian did decide to make some more figures, which player would you most like to see made?

 More Manchester United figures!!!! Like Berbatov, Owen, Evans..etc

10. Do you have any comments you wish to make about my site?

 The site is great!! Especially the pictures of your collection and adding a collector's room is fantastic. The site will only get better with more sections added to it. :) Below are images of my unreleased master models and also my unreleased re-paint, enjoy!



My Collection

 I have recently taken images of my collection and Craig has kindly allowed me to display them here for your viewing pleasure. The slideshow below is of all my pre99 Foreign Headliners.

To view this slidwshow simply press 'PLAY' to begin the show and if you want to pause the show in order to view an image for longer, simply press 'PAUSE' , then to resume the show, press 'PLAY'. Enjoy the show!

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