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 1. When did you start collecting?


 I started collecting in June 2006 during the World Cup.


 2. Why did you start collecting?


 I started collecting because I love football and the French national team - my first figure is old "Super Champions" - is one of my favourites. I bought some figures and I decided to buy more!  


 3. Which was the very first figure you purchased?  


 I bought 4 figures at the same time - Desailly, Deschamps, Blanc and Lizarazu (all in blisters). During one week I bought in the same shop 18 different Headliners!  


 4. What is your all time favourite Corinthian figure?


  It's Abel Xavier - Platinum for X'mas 4 pack 2002. It's valuable figure and great sculpt. I like all my figures but this one is the best of them.  


 5. What is the most you have ever paid for a single figure and which figure was it?


 I have paid about £6 for Zurawski on gold base. All "Polish" figures (Dudek, Boruc, Kuba etc.) are very expensive in Poland and I bou ght this figure in summer 2000 when Series 15 were released so it was new figure.  


 6. What is the best bargain you have ever picked up?


 I have picked German Series 1 - 48 figures + 24 doubles - for about £10! I sold or repainted a lot of these figures but I think it was great deal.  


 7. Which figure did you most struggle to acquire?


 It's Papin in France home national kit. I was looking for this figure for about 18 months! It's very long, but I paid for it very low.  


 8. How many figures do you have in your collection?


 A little more than 300 figures but some of them are Repaints or doubles.  


 9. If Corinthian did decide to make some more figures, which player would you most like to see made?


 Steven Gerrard but I want to see new sculpt, not this old figure which Corinthian gives to series since 2006!


 10. Do you have any comments you wish to make about my site?


 I'm waiting for France in "National Headliners" because it's my favourite series and if I buy Henry and Papin in away kit I'll complete this series; to complete French clubs I need just 2 figures too! I think great thing for guests could be lists and photos of ProStars figures. I also have a forum which is:





Maciej Konofol: