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 1. When did you start collecting?


 I started collecting Corinthian football figures in June 1996  


 2. Why did you start collecting?


 I like to collect any figure and I like football so there is no reason why I don't collect Corinthian.  


 3. Which was the very first figure you purchased? 


 Mark Hughes Chelsea FAPL figure from secret sachet, no choice.  


 4. What is your all time favourite Corinthian figure? 


 Yuri Nikiforov for Sporting Gijon


 5. What is the most you have ever paid for a single figure and which figure was it?


 If not Master, £64 for Nicola Amoruso Juventus Headliner


  6. What is the best bargain you have ever picked up?


 I paid around £2 for David White unreleased test figure, bargain!


 7. Which figure did you most struggle to acquire? 


 Stefan Schwarz fiorentina Headliner.


 8. How many figures do you have in your collection?


  I didn't count!


  9. If Corinthian did decide to make some more figures, which player would you most like to see made?


 Actually I can make figure myself. But if happen I would like to see Tennis players.


 10. Do you have any comments you wish to make about my site?


 Excellent. I love it!




 Kin Yip Chan

Kin Yip Chan: