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Check List

 Corinthian released a vast amount of figures over the years, from the England national Headliner range in 1995, upto the very last ProStar released in 2008.


 At times it was very difficult to keep a track of exactly what was and was not released, even Corinthian themselves were unable to provide a 100% accurate list of all released figures.


 Since launching the site i have often been asked for complete lists for certain series or releases, or wether a certain figure was indeed released for general sale. As Corinthian are no longer trading, many collectors have decided to 'fill in the gaps' in their collections, so are searching for those elusive figures, however how can you search for a figure if you never knew it existed?


 As a result of these enquiries i decided what was needed was a check list of all released figures, something which  not only catalogued the figures by range and series, but which also allowed the collector to update their list as more figures were added to their collection.


 The check list catalogues all the figures released in the Headliner range, ProStars, Club Gold, Fans Favourites and ProStars Retail series. I have not included the promotional releases from Jaffa Cakes, Tiger Beer, Pepsi or Tetleys, however i can provide them if requested. I have also ommited the XL series from the list, however i can of course provide a full listing of figures released if required.


 To download the Corinthian Check List, simply click on the icon below.


 Happy Collecting,



Corinthian Check List